Sound Replacement - Halo 5: Guardians

Created by Brian Speise


Sound Design - Brian Speise


Project Overview:

In an effort to transition into game audio work, I have begun to play (and listen to) more video games! I greatly admire the sound work of the Halo series, so I wanted to try my hand at designing some sounds for the game. This video is a sound replacement of an in-game cut scene. I used a combination of original sound effects and library effects to create the soundtrack, and then I mixed it. It's only a minute long, but it's dense!


Sound FX Breakdown:

I used a combination of my own original sound effects (recorded, edited, and mangled by me) and sounds from sound effect libraries.

Alien Voiceover - all Covenant vocalizations were created with my own voice (and then significantly enhanced in Dehumaniser)

Impacts & Gore FX - I sourced most of these types of sounds from my own personal sound FX library. Every body impact, blood splatter, and bone crunch is mine. However, I did sweeten a couple of melee attacks with gun foley sourced from an SFX library.

Weapons -

Lasers: laser fire heard in the background of the battle was created by me using a synthesizer. I knew learning FM synthesis would come in handy one day!

Energy Sword: this one involved a bunch of layering. The initial boom, surge, and crackle of the energy sword being unsheathed was created from my own library. I layered in a sword library effect to glue the whole sound event together.

Additional Weapons: the remaining gun sound FX came from a library. However, I sweetened one of the submachine guns with some tiny metallic sounds from my own library.

Door FX - the large base door sliding open was a combination of original and library FX. I created the initial beep and humming sounds of the door open sequence, but the remaining sounds came from a library.

Ambience - I created two of the Covenant base ambience layers in iZotope Iris, but all of the external ambience, like wind, was sourced from libraries.

Foley - I do love creating and recording Foley, but for this project, I pulled every footstep, cloth, and armor sound from libraries. However, I did throw in some leather creaks for the Fireteam's movement.