The Ninety Nines

The University of Colorado Denver Digital Animation Center's 2013 Animated Short

Sound Credit:

Sound Design, Mixing -  Brian Speise


Project Overview:

In the Spring of 2013, I assisted with the sound design and mixing for The University of Colorado Denver Digital Animation Center’s 2013 Senior Short Film, “The Ninety Nines.” There were three other sound designers along with myself. Together, we spent four long months building and rebuilding the film’s soundtrack. The final version that we submitted to the Digital Animation center can be found here: Shortly after submitting it, I mixed two separate versions of the project for my professional portfolio. The "Alternate Mix" (posted above) is a stereo remix, and I also created a 5.1 surround sound mix (not available on my site).

The University of Colorado Denver Digital Animation Center engages its students in a three-semester capstone production series in which they are required to produce a high-production value animated short film. For more information go to


Plot Synopsis for “The Ninety Nines”:

Amelia Earhart didn’t die.

Now she fights as a member of a super secret elite team of women, the 99’s. Part of the Scientific Strategic Reserve and equipped with Tesla technology, the 99’s are hell-bent on stopping Hitler and his evil science from dominating the free world.